To be a writer

Do you want to be a writer?

What if I told you that you already are?

If you are waiting to be published before you will call yourself a writer, you are selling yourself short, way short. Writing is your art, the expression of your self; even if you never let another pair of eyes see or read it.

You are a writer because you think, dream, communicate. You are a writer because you create with words, written or spoken. You are a writer simply because you are.

Would you like to say, “I am a writer”?

Remind yourself that as a human being, you are a creator: You were born with creative genius; it is your divine inheritance. Writing happens to be the way you express that genius. Believe it, celebrate it, and write.

Pick up your pen

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If you are ready to embrace yourself as a writer, and to actually write, find out how the process works.