How it works

Discover your own creative genius.

At All Writing Matters, we help you discover your own artful expression, your own way with words.

We help you:

  1. Build courage.
    If you are feeling vulnerable, if you are avoiding that critical voice, or if you don’t yet believe that you are a writer, you probably don’t feel too inspired to write. Gently facing and understanding your fears of writing will reconnect you with your voice. Having the courage to pick up the pen and begin, to express what you and you alone can express, will allow you to stretch further, go deeper, to write your way to you.
  2. Trust the process.
    If you have been focusing on the results of your writing, the outcome, take a step back and focus on appreciating the journey. Writing is a process, it doesn’t happen immediately; it’s not supposed to. There is no recipe, no blueprints to follow, no real external guidance for how to get where you want to go. Writing requires trust, patience, and a willingness to participate in the experience. This means accepting your inner critic, feeling your uncomfortable emotions, and learning to be comfortable with the uncertainty of where your writing is taking you.
  3. Break the rules.
    Part of trusting the process is being willing to break the rules. If, as you write, you hear your 5th grade teacher’s voice telling you to stay in the margins or you keep stopping to check your grammar, you are probably getting in your own way. Writing is art. It is subjective. It is simply a medium for expressing what is within us. Sure, the product may have a particular design or structure, but the path to getting there is unique to the individual and to the creation. So make your own rules and then don’t be afraid to break them.
  4. Practice mindfulness.
    Writing requires paying attention, listening, and most of all compassion. The more mindful you are of what inspires you, of the things around you, of your own thoughts and emotions, the more powerful your writing will be.

What’s next? Pick up your pen.

Even if you’ve never written a single word, you’ve just wanted to, the most important thing now is to simply write, write anything.

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