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Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,” is a quote by Joseph Addison that was scribbled on a book that was gifted to me when I was 12 years old. That quote is responsible for my reading culture today.

Maintaining reading as a hobby has been easy because when I pick up any text to read, I allow myself to be transported into another realm, the author’s perspective. I like to keep my expectations at a minimum and to approach reading with an open mind. I enjoy allowing my mind to become a blank canvas for the author. If you read a lot and like to read, you have to part with the first books. I sometimes sell used books and use the money for new books.

Some of the topics I love to read about are:

1. Health and Wellness:

Good health is your body’s overall ability to function well physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. The 21st Century is a fast-paced way of life where we often forget to take care of ourselves. Topics on health and wellness allow me to be more intentional about observing my health and being proactive in self-care.

2. History

History offers us a glimpse into the past. When we learn about the past, we understand the present and how the world works. I read about history because I want to appreciate the society that I live in today and how it came to be. Learning about the past gives me an identity too.

3. Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is the ability to have your money working for you and not the other way round. For most people, achieving financial independence is a life goal. However, in today’s world, financial freedom is slowly becoming a pipe dream to many. I believe with a little proactivity, if financial freedom is genuinely your goal, then reading widely about it can put you on a path towards it. Reading on this has improved my financial discipline too.

4. Personal Development

Life is a journey, and I strongly believe in the need for continuous self-improvement. It is a lifelong process and covers a wide variety of topics. My approach to personal development is through goal setting. Reading thoroughly through this topic enables me to stay grounded in my development journey.

5. Art

Art is a form of self-expression. It exists in many forms; paintings, sculptures, architecture, music, film, literature, dance, and fashion. Our innate ability as human beings to creatively express ourselves through various mediums is fascinating. Reading about the different types of art allows me to view humans more intimately. When an artist loses himself/herself in his/her craft, they transform into what they want the world to see. It takes a great deal to let oneself be vulnerable, and vulnerability is a great human connection.

6. Culture

In a world that desperately needs to acknowledge that our differences make us stronger, we need to embrace our diversity. That is why I love to read about different cultures.